Deeper Conversations. Better Results.

Entrepreneurial Mastermind.

Up-level your personal and professional development by applying for this 6- month, virtual Mastermind, designed for entrepreneurs who want to have conversations that matter, get focused and build a brand--not work in a business. 

Limited to 12 participants, this group will serve as your personal board of advisors--helping to keep you accountable, focused and having fun as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey. Monthly calls,  accountability checks and weekly inspiration will ensure that you are on track.

Here's your chance to take take your business and personal development to the next level.  Apply today!

Program Details



April-September 2019; application deadline is March 15, 2019.



  • Live facilitation on 6 monthly calls
  • One individual coaching session 
  • Monthly accountability emails 
  • Weekly inspiration and check-ins
  • Exclusive tools and resources 

Please note that this is a safe-space to share experiences, learn and explore.  It is not a place to sell, solicit, or otherwise make money from the group--at least while we are in session.  If you're looking for traditional networking, we will happily refer you to alternative resources.

All the content and community you need to accomplish your goals and feel great at the same time!

Here's a sample of the content we will explore:

  • Setting EASY Goals
  • Getting Calm(er)
  • Defining Personal Core Values
  • Creating your Tree of Life
  • Exploring Authentic Storytelling/Branding


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